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Custom Made Sofa

Iftar Majlis

Ramadan in the City

How Our Iftar Majlis Unites Diverse Communities?

Muslims throughout the world observe Ramadan as a month of spiritual reflection, fasting, and community development. During this holy month, the diversity of the Muslim community is typically on full show in metropolitan areas, as people from many countries and traditions gather after sunset to break their fast. Our iftar majlis is one such event that brings together the city’s varied groups, instilling a sense of togetherness and belonging.
Explore The Diverse Tapestry

The Cultural Significance of Iftar Majlis

The Iftar Majlis in Dubai is prominent in the UAE’s and the wider Middle Eastern cultural background. It represents Emirati hospitality, charity, and respect for community values. In an increasingly globalized world, the Iftar Majlis tradition serves as a cultural touchstone that connects Emiratis to their heritage.
For the rest of the Middle East, the Iftar Majlis is more than just a community meal; it is a cornerstone of social life throughout Ramadan, supporting core values such as togetherness, shared experiences, and cultural continuity. The Majlis draws individuals together from many backgrounds, resulting in a rich and varied social tapestry that reflects the multifaceted structure of Middle Eastern countries.
We Are Experts

Choose Us For Your Arabic Majlis

Custom Made Sofa captures the inherent elegance of Arabic Majlis. It ensures that the furniture has a long lifespan and looks great. The seats are padded with comfortable cushions for added comfort and support, and the Arabian Majlis feature strong extensibility and pelt attachments.
We promise that your furniture will provide comfort, warmth, and style as desired by the consumer. We provide extended outcall times for consumers as a consequence of the benefits of our furniture majlis, resulting in more services and wealthy clients. You have uncovered the finest Arabian furniture on the market.
Decorate For Ambiance

Use Modern Design & Themes

For women, Arabic Majlis Architecture must be infused with fire, comfort, elegance, and dissipation. This will assist ladies in improving their mood with their family and friends for a happier time. In developing innovative projects for Ladies Majlis Abu Dhabi, we utilize modern-day designs and themes to keep your mood fresh and comfortable. We at Custom Made Sofa have extensive experience with the theme design you seek.
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