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Sunbrella Fabric Dubai

Are you looking for the latest outdoor fabric variants? Sunbrella is the greatest alternative. When you think of pleasant, long-lasting outdoor textile, one name likely comes to mind: Sunbrella. Sunbrella fabric is the premier premium fabric for seafaring, shading, and outdoor furniture applications.
Sunbrella Fabric specifications

For Indoor & Outdoor Use In Dubai

You may use our pigment-printed, 100% acrylic-based fabric with an approximate weight to create acrylic prints for your finest indoor/outdoor sunbrella fabric “8.0” and 54 inches wide ounces for optimal usage.
Outdoor upholstery fabric provides you with a product made of 100% woven vinyl coated polyester with an approximate marine tex content. 11 ounces per square yard and 54 inches in width.
Want To Clean?

Is Sunbrella Fabric Washable?

Yes, sunbrella fabric Dubai is washable. The best part about this fabric is that it is simple to wash no matter how clean the fabric has to be.You only need a sponge, light soap, and water to clean gently. If you wish to remove the fabric, cushions, and furniture for a more thorough cleaning.
To disinfect the germs and dust particles, you may wash it in the washing machine or soak it in soapy water. After that, dry your cloth by hand; it should never be placed in the dryer. It can cause problems for you!
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We manufacture the highest quality Sunbrella Fabric. It is regarded as the ideal fabric for maritime applications. Our Sunbrella upholstery fabric is stain and mildew resistant. It might be a good choice for indoor and outdoor furnishings. We have some unusual Sunbrella awning fabric patterns and designs that you won’t be able to resist. This fabric may be utilized in a variety of ways due to its minimal maintenance, extended lifespan, and square yard coverage.
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