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If you want to turn your home into a luxury and exotic refuge, our exquisite Moroccan Majlis is the ideal option. The Majlis is a traditional Moroccan living room with rich and brilliant colors, elaborate patterns, and comfy seating that has gained popularity in both residential and commercial settings.
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Custom Made Sofa Dubai’s Moroccan Majlis decor is attractively created with vivid paints on the walls, flooring with handmade borders, and floor tiles with vibrant hues. The Moroccan Majlis Dubai’s ceiling is curved and features geometric borders.
Moroccan-type Majlis furniture comprises Arabic furniture, Moroccan round coffee tables, Moroccan seats, Moroccan couches, enormous antique mirrors, Middle Eastern floor sitting, octagon side tables, interesting lights, and various style drapes.
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Moroccan Majlis is Now Available in Dubai

The Moroccan Majlis is a traditional meeting spot in Morocco where people may interact, unwind, and enjoy one another’s company. The Majlis is generally decorated with lavish textiles, bright hues, and intricate designs that reflect the region’s rich history and culture. Seating is typically placed in a circle or square, resulting in a pleasant, intimate ambiance that promotes discussion and relaxation.
This traditional Moroccan meeting area is now open in Dubai, providing residents and visitors with an intriguing new way to relax. The Dubai replica of the Moroccan Majlis incorporates all of the aspects that make the original so wonderful, such as comfy seats, sumptuous textiles, and elaborate decorations. However, it does have certain modern features that make it even more opulent and comfy.
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If you want to have a genuine and memorable Moroccan Majlis experience in Dubai, go no further than our staff. Custom Made Sofa years of experience and attention to detail make us the ideal choice for those looking for an event that genuinely embodies Moroccan hospitality and culture. Our staff consists of professional artisans who know how to create a gorgeous and welcoming environment that will transport you and your guests to the heart of Morocco. From the delicate details of our decor to the delectable and genuine flavors of our cuisine, every part of your event will be meticulously planned to provide an amazing experience.
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